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    All applicants will need to register as first-time users this year (even if you have applied previously).

    Eligibility Requirements:
    Applicants must be Oklahoma residents.

    In general, applicants for OSAI 2023 must be at least 15 years old by September 1, 2023. (i.e., Students may be as young as 14 during OSAI as long as they turn 15 by September 1, 2023.)

    The vast majority of current 9th-12th graders can apply. Graduating seniors up to age 19 are still eligible.

    The earliest most students are eligible to attend OSAI is the summer after their freshman year of high school. (Current freshman who will not be 15 by September 1, 2023 may still be eligible to audition. Please call our office at 405.605.7500 for more information.)


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